Women are the drivers of Kenya’s Development.

Only 1% Of registered Land Titles in Kenya are held in women’s names’ *The Women, Land And Property Rights policy Brief by Kenya Land Alliance & FIDA*


We envision a transformed Africa where thenumber of women and Youth owning and using land is proportional to their population


To empower African women and youth economically with easier and affordable options to own and use land economically.

Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda’

It is important for Women and Youth have ownership rights to land, the major factor of production in Agriculture(food security) , Housing(Affordable) and Manufacturing

We are transforming women and Youth into Profitable land and home owners

We are transforming women and Youth into Profitable land and home owners through;

Increasing land Value - We fence and gate the land Create shared amenities that can support income generating activities; • Street lights & Borehole • Main Roads & landscaping • Basketball /lawn tennis court/ playground
Providing affordable mobile payment solutions - Through our mobile payment platform, women enjoy • 0% deposit & 0% interest rate • Flexible payments Daily (USD 5) OR Monthly (USD150) • A Rent/lease to own model that enables women to own Land easier
Accelerating Returns - After at least 1 month of land payments, women can move in and use land for Income Generating Activities/ projects & get returns sooner!

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