We enable our youths to become business owners

This loan enables our youths to become business owners and create employment by helping them own electric boda-boda at 0% initial deposit by making affordable daily payments of as little as Ksh 350 for around 548 days.

We are an eco-friendly, electric bike financing company that is enabling the low income earners and the youths in our society to acquire electric bikes at 0% initial deposit as they make affordable daily payment instalments of US$ 3.50 for a period of time.

As a clean environment conscious and an impact obsessed team, it is our zeal to see the often forgotten and unemployed youth in Africa, earn a living by running clean and successful motor bike taxi businesses under a clean carbon free environment.

Still have you any questions?

For any inquiries relating to our product feel free to speak to us personally by calling us during business hours.

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UN Cresent Road |Gigiri |Nairobi |Kenya

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+254 700 935 135

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