Making sure the pathway to home ownership is possible and affordable

Home is where the heart is. We all got different dreams and goals in life but one dream remains to be common “OWNING A HOME” 1.4 billion people globally lack a safe place to call home and approximately 48.5 million happen to be women. Most reason could be the poor living standards or lack of assurance to afford rent over the time due to instability of our economics.

We have been forced into a rental poverty trap when we keep paying rent without any homeownership plan meaning we cannot account for every monthly rent that we pay.

Home ownership dream can be daunting because we have been made to believe it’s expensive and impossible unless you are wealthy and aged with financial strength.

Our mission as MAMALAND is to make sure the pathway to home ownership for women and low income families is possible and affordable.

Why? Because we have ourselves experienced this problem first hand and we understand what powerful impact and adequate shelter has on a family and how it can better their future.

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