This is a 24hr loan.

Members can access finances through their phones or from our nearest office.

– This loan is for the small business owners who (who lack conventional collateral to secure loans but belong to a registered chama and have savings) who need to purchase their business stock every morning or a night before market day and need a financial boost of up to USD 100 at 2% interest rate.


-mama mboga, mama samaki, fashion traders, hawkers, mitumba retailers, street vendors, shop keepers, salonists, farmers, cereals sellers, boda-boda riders, matatu drivers, touts etc.

What we look at for qualifications: - (PROFILING)

For unsecured loans, members who to belong to a registered chama. (The chairperson, treasurer, secretary and one group member act as their guarantors)
Clients must have a licensed business which is in operations.
Chama saving history / debt history.
Your current income – what you make from your main job and your side hustles.
How much you spend per month and of what.
Mpesa statement/bank statements

Still have you any questions?

For any inquiries relating to our product feel free to speak to us personally by calling us during business hours.

Head office address:

UN Cresent Road |Gigiri |Nairobi |Kenya

Call for help:

+254 700 935 135

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